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March 15, 2012

Be a Savvy Secondhand Bride

Can you think of a better way to spend $30,000 than on a wedding? So can I. That’s why more brides are going the “secondhand route” for wedding shopping. But don’t let sticker shock cloud your judgment. “Brides should be budget savvy, not budget stiffed, ” says editor Fri Forjindam “Second-hand” doesn’t mean you can’t have standards. You can find high quality used items at lots of shops and websites.

I asked experts for their tips on second-hand shopping. Here’s some highlights:

Consider Black: While ex-brides are mourning in dark colors on their “supposed-to-be” wedding day, you can benefit from it. Head over to Ebay and search for “canceled wedding.” You’d be surprised what may come up! But don’t forget to offer sincere concern and some (non-used) tissues.

Think Green: Being eco-savvy can mean more bang for your buck at Recycled Bride. Browse gently used accessories, gowns and decorations for a steal.Sign up for their email alerts so you never miss a deal.

Shop Pink: Be a true blushing bride by visiting a traveling charity gown sale for Brides Against Breast Cancer to purchase discounted new and used dresses.   You help your wallet and a great cause!

Shopping tip: Other than your bling, consignment shops are a bride’s best friend. You can try before you buy. Find one near you at

*Even if the store or website looks like an upstanding business, never make cash transactions. Stick to checks, credit cards, and Pay Pal so you can track and reverse sales if necessary. 

Fun Fact: According to, 89.4 percent of brides are willing to purchase used items for their wedding. 90 percent of brides are willing to sell items – especially accessories.

Say Yes to the (Used) Dress!

January 11, 2012

How To Not Let Wedding Planning Take Over Your Life…

Most people are aware that once a girl gets a ring on her finger she suddenly gets consumed with wedding planning. A lot of women even end up planning their wedding at their day job. For a while, I couldn’t understand why women get so obsessive about planning a wedding… And then I got engaged. With so much information being constantly thrown at you it’s no wonder all things weddings suddenly take over lives. Luckily, writing about weddings is just one of my many day jobs so I welcome the information. But for those who aren’t as fortunate and actually need to focus on something else every once in a while, here are my top tips for preventing wedding plans from taking over your life.

1. Avoid Pinterest like the plague.

I made the mistake of making a Pinterest account recently. It’s only been a few days and I’m already addicted. Why? Because the best photos and inspirations all happen to be wedding related. Who can resist all those pretty photos and pins that pop up so frequently? It’s like a drug and I can’t get unhooked. Save yourself while you can, and wait to join the bandwagon until after the wedding. If not, you’ll never have a non-wedding related thought for a while.

2. Only sign up for a few email newsletters and don’t have them sent to your phone.

You’d be surprised how often you get newsletters sent to your inbox on a daily basis. Imagine how much you’d get once you sign up for updates for three or more wedding newsletters. It’s even worse when you have your emails setup for you cell phone. You’ll be getting wedding updates 24/7 via two mediums. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid it. Take my advice. Nip it in the bud and limit the email subscriptions.

3. Stick to following a handful of your wedding favorites on Twitter.

Don’t overdo it by following 110 wedding planners and 15 college buddies. You’re timeline will be filled with nothing other than tiaras, themes, and bridesmaid dresses. Do yourself a favor and stick to following you top 10 to 15 picks. You can keep up with the other ones on Wedding Wednesday – that’s when they tweet the best stuff anyway.

4. Refrain from downloading any toolbar tickers or desktop reminders.

You know when your wedding day is. There’s no need to download every toolbar, desktop manager, and wedding ticker out there. You’d never be able look at your desktop calendar the same way again. Every click of the mouse would be wedding related! Make a promise and  stick to peeking at  that checklist and countdown by logging into your account on The Knot once every few days. Even if you didn’t, chances are you’ve already carved the date into you memory so you’re good to go.

5. Designate only two days a week to watch TLC or WEtv.

I’ve found that it is impossible to watch either channel without seeing a wedding related commercial or preview once every 15 minutes. But that seems to be the problem with most channels these days. And than of course, there are those constant marathons of Say Yes to the Dress, Cake Boss and My Fair Wedding. It’s never ending.

6. Stay away from tabloids and gossip shows

It seems like every week a new celebrity gets engaged these days. It’s only a matter of time until you get wrapped up in Halle Berry’s, Drew Barrymore’s and Jessica Beil’s wedding plans on top of your own. Trust me – you’ll never hear the end of speculation wedding reports once a celeb proposal goes down. Channel your will power and resist the urge to follow celeb wedding gossip.

Did I forget something? Did your wedding take control of your life or vice versa?