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December 19, 2012

The Best Christmas Gift of All: Encouragement

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

So there’s six more days till Christmas and you’re a little panicked. I would be too if I still couldn’t find the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop for family member. Plus there’s no guarantee I would receive online orders in time for Christmas. At this point, most people would tell you to channel your creativity while you make shallow and pathetic attempts to make something. But for those of you who are really desperate and know you’re as coordinated and creative as your children’s math homework, I’m going to tell you the one gift that is even more meaningful than any DIY project or store bought gift.

One word. Encouragement.

You’re probably scratching your head right now. But the truth is, so few know how to be truly encouraging. When encouragement is offered, it always seems to come with some kind of stipulation.

“You want to be a writer. That’s great. You should do it. I just hope you’re not a starving artist.”

“Oh, you’re starting a business? Congrats! Be prepared for some loss. You should do it though.”

“Training to be a chef is so hard. You can do it as long as you take it seriously.”

“Good luck with paying all your student loans this year. You’re gonna need it. It’s practically impossible.”

While these phrases may be said with good intentions, (or so we hope) they carry doubt and the dreaded “but” with them. And even when attached to encouraging words, that “but” can really put a damper on the receivers spirit. I know because I’ve been there before. I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me, “Good for you. But you can’t make a living from that that.” or “Wow I can’t believe you’re writing an ebook! I think you should do it. They are much harder to sell than traditional books though.”

Of course, hearing these things definitely bothered me for a bit. Luckily, writing was something I knew I always wanted to do whether or not I had anyone’s approval. However, I did have the approval and encouragement of my parents. I remember the day, I told my mom that I wanted to quit my job to be a writer. I was still living in my parents’ home, struggling financially, and had a bunch of student loans to pay for. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous telling them my plans. Much to my surprise, I got words of encouragement rather than words of concern and non-support. The words my mom uttered, meant the world to me.

“Go for it. I always said you can create your own opportunities.” 

There wasn’t a hint of doubt or a shadow of disbelief – only genuine encouragement as I took on the biggest risk and scariest chapter of my life. She could have said to me that writers never make it. Or she could have also reminded me that I must still find a way to pay back my loans. But she didn’t. Somehow, she knew I was well aware of what I needed to take care of. But she knew that I needed her support more. Little does she know  that small phrase is one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. I take her words with me every time I need to conquer a new challenge or each time I’m faced with a business related fear. And my father has been just as supportive since I’ve started this journey.

No, their encouragement wasn’t a Christmas gift per se. But it was a much needed gift at the time. I recommend it, because it is the one gift that can change a person’s world forever. Encouraging words have the power to last a lifetime if you do it right. They won’t die if the battery runs out of life, and it won’t break if you drop it. Deliver it with love and it will stay in the receiver’s heart forever.

So how do you do it? Eliminate the doubt, slash the “what if’s” and sprinkle it with loads of love, sincerity, and pure belief. Do all that and  you’ve got the making of a Christmas gift that would go down in history.  Best of all, it’s priceless!

What was the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received? Have you ever been on the receiving end of true words of encouragement?

TERRIfic Quip: Don’t wait for it. Create your own opportunities.

October 2, 2012

11 Free and Quirky Ways to be Happier

Let’s face it- Life is tough. If it’s not one thing it’s another. From the stress of figuring out meals for the week to wondering how you are going to pay bills it seems as though the troubles are never ending.  That’s why it’s important to laugh anyway. The question is how do you find a way to smile in even the bleakest moments?

Luckily, there are tons of quirky and off beat ways to bring sunshine to your life. And I’m not talking about the typical remedies like take a shower or going shopping. I’m talking about off the wall things such as keeping Play-Doh in your purse for spur of the moment playtime. Or having a rainbow colored umbrella to make you smile on even the rainiest of days.

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a pretty optimistic and perky person. The below list is the reason why…

1. Chew multicolored bubble gum.

If you are like me, you enjoy satisfying your taste buds with a mouthwatering piece of gum. Not only does that one stick of gum fight bad breathe and temporarily satisfy hunger, it occupies your mind and your mouth when dealing with stressful moments. Think about it. You can’t possibly scream bloody murder at the temp who misfiled all of your important documents when you are too busy chomping away at your chewy delight. You’d be way too enthralled savoring the sticky goodness in your mouth as you chew away. Imagine how much better it would be if you were chewing a bright purple or pink wad of gum and precisely blowing perfectly sculpted  bubble. Dubble Bubble comes to mind…

2. Keep some bubbles in the glove compartment of your car.

Nothing tops pulling up to your business meeting, checking the clock to find out that you are 30 minutes early and realizing you have time to blow some bubbles out the window to kill some time while you wait. Not only will it occupy your mind, but it will relax you for that meeting you are already well-prepared for.

3. Watch Spongebob when you can

To those down and out on life, Spongebob Squarepants is nothing more than a waste of time and excuse to avoid growing up. But to the young at heart, lively, and optimistic its the opportunity to escape into childhood again and leave the problems of the “real world” behind. Besides, every once in a while you deserve to escape from the perils  of everyday life. Plus, you can learn a valuable life lesson from Spongebob. Ever notice how, Squidward, the pessimistic, lazy, and decietful character always ends up with the shorthand of the stick or injured somehow? Meanwhile, the happy-go-lucky Spongebob is consistently faced with new eventful opportunities. That’s no coincidence. It’s merely proof that if you change your thoughts you can change your world. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

4. Sing your favorite song even when in public.

There’s a reason why they say music makes great therapy. Besides, if you have a terrible voice it should put your mind at ease knowing that your life can’t get any worse than your singing. It may even help solve your problems. Ever heard of William Hung?

5. Have Play-Doh in your purse at all times

You can never feel depressed for too long when you go digging through your purse or your pocket and you find a promising bottle of Play-Doh just waiting to be molded into something delightful.

6. Purchase a rainbow colored umbrella

While Starbursts wants you to taste the rainbow, I want you to see the rainbow… at all times. That’s why I suggest you carry around a brightly colored rainbow umbrella on those rainy days. Even though the world around you is damp and gloomy, there’s no reason why your world  can’t resemble that of a beach ball. Seeing the brightly colored shield will certainly help keep your spirits up. Plus, it will prove to be helpful when trying to get the attention of a cab driver in the city.

Carry a rainbow umbrella on a rainy day to brighten your world

7. Hide Post-It notes in random places

For when you need a little pick-me-up, I suggest writing motivational, laugh worthy, and just plain heart tingling notes to yourself. You’ll thank yourself when you find one hiding amongst your belongs at the moment when you’re convinced it couldn’t get any worse.

8. Play with your food

If you gotta eat, you might as well have fun with it. Experiment, taste test and create something new. I bet you’re dying to know whether or not that cayenne pepper will mix well with your latest creation. Try it… You have nothing to lose.

9. Get to know a stranger

Remember when you were a little kid and social status, family make-up, religion and appearance didn’t matter. You never saw any of those things. All you saw was a playmate. As adults, we over think everything. Of course, that leads to people becoming antisocial, judgemental and sometimes lonely. I challenge you to ignore the details and get to know a stranger. If you take the train into the city at the same time every morning, chat up a few familiar faces. If you are a regular at the local coffee shop take a moment to thank the barista for her hardwork and find out if she’s saving for somethng special. Sometimes, it’s the simple smile from a stranger and cordial conversation that makes all the difference in your life and theirs. After all, that’s how friendships are made.

10. Look at the shapes in the clouds

There is nothing more relaxing and thought awakening than challenging your imagination to see how many shapes you can see. Suddenly, there is nothing else in the world that matters other than your thoughts, imagination, and those fluffy pillows floating along. Once you master the cloud thing, move onto star gazing.

11. Actually LOL

How many times have you gotten a laugh worthy text or email and simply responded to the sender with “LOL”? Maybe it’s because you didn’t think t wasn’t appropriate to actually laugh. Maybe it’s because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time to let your true colors come out. Or perhaps you were self-conscience about the way your chuckle sounds. Well, I say it’s about time you stop holding it in and allow yourself to laugh. Smile when your heart sends the signal and your eyes get that twinkle. Don’t  be afraid to let that harmonious sound escape from your lips and soothe your senses. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine.

Bottom Line – Schedule some time to visit your childhood every once in a while.

What things do you do to lift your spirits? Anything interesting, twisted, or just quirky? 

TERRIfic Quips: Take a deep breathe. It’s  just a bad day not a bad life.

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September 11, 2012

How to Ruin Your Life in 15 Easy Steps


Much like the great depression, this year seems to have brought about lots of depressed, hopeless, and poor people. Even after losing their jobs, health, and all sense of stability, those lucky losers managed to gain the sympathy of America, government assistance and tons of time to wallow in their pathetic lives.

Want to reap the many benefits of ruining your life too, follow these easy steps and you’ll soon hit your rock bottom…

1. Sell yourself short.

What’s the point in valuing yourself if you are going to get paid less than you are worth anyway? And why bother challenging yourself if you are probably going to fail. Face it –  even if you do try to reach your “full potential” you aren’t going to get paid for it. If you are content with your current level of mediocrity, there’s no need for you to not jump at every chance to make less than minimum wage.

2. Listen to the naysayers.

They’re the ones who have seen and done it all before. They are wiser, richer, and smarter than you and they still had to give up on their dreams. So naturally you should listen to them when they tell you you’re dreams are impossible. After all, they’ve got years of experience to back up their negativity. They know what they’re talking about. You’d be a fool not to listen.

3. Don’t take risks

There’s is a chance you will fail. That’s the thing about risks. The smart thing for you to do is to not to take chances. This way you guarantee that nothing will happen to you. Ever.

4. Listen to the statistics

Sure those depressing statistics are always about other people, but it’s a good indicator of what’s going to happen to you. Why should you expect to start a successful business if 50 percent of them always fail within the first year? With so many records of failure, it’s obvious that’s going to happen to you someday. Numbers don’t lie.

5. Follow the crowd

There’s a reason why loads of people are all doing the same thing. It’s because it’s the right thing to do. Think about it. If it’s a dumb thing to do why would so many people be engaging in it. It’s time to join the herd and follow suit. If you don’t know what to do follow the way of the crowd. They won’t steer your wrong.

6. Quit after the first attempt

If it doesn’t work out the first time what makes you think it will work on the second, third or fourth attempts. Nothing is going to change and you’ll only continue to get negative results. The best thing for you to do is to quit while you’re ahead.

7. Live in the past

There’s nothing better than reliving the best moments of yesteryear on a recurring basis. There’s no point in striving for the best if it’s probably going to just fall flat of what you’ve already done. The best days of your life are already behind you. Live it over and over again.

8. Resist change.

You know how the saying goes: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. There’s no need to waste time improving aspects of your life if you are already content with the way things are. You don’t have to change just because the world around you does. Stay the same. Change and progress are overrated.

9. Do only what is required of you.

Don’t bother going above and beyond the call of duty. After all, you aren’t getting paid for it. Your hard work isn’t going to get recognized and you’re probably just going to be taken advantage. So go ahead and just do the bare minimum. People probably aren’t paying attention to you anyway.

10. Have a sense of entitlement

You’ve got a college degree, six years of management experience and awards behind your name. Of course, you deserve to get a six figure salary at the new company even though you’ve never worked in the industry before. They’d be fooling themselves if they think you don’t deserve at least $100,000 to start. You need to refer those human resources professionals to your resume again.

11. Only chase the money

Who needs a life of meaning, happiness, and fulfillment when you are filthy rich? Sure you feel your life is void of purpose and you have no companion, but it’s ok because Lincoln, Benjamin, and Jackson have become like family to you. Luckily, that’s all the family you need.

12. Wait for things to happen to you

Patience is a virtue. There’s no sense in going out and making things happen. Things will come to you in due time. So rather than tiring yourself out by being proactive, you should probably try doing nothing. Good things come to those who wait.

13. Bite the hand that feeds you

The only way to get anywhere in life is to step on the hands that helped you rise above your obstacles. Don’t feel bad. If they were smart they would have tried to help themselves instead of helping you succeed. It’s every man for himself these days. You never asked for those handouts, so they shouldn’t expect anything in return.

14. Ignore the opportunities

After all, they are almost always too good be true. You’re better off questioning everything and being skeptical of all seemingly good things that come your way.

15. Ignore all your mistakes

Whoever said you can learn from your mistakes was seriously mistaken. After all, you’re just going to continuing making new ones as long as you live. So don’t even bother owning up to the mistakes you’ve already made. You are only bound to repeat them.

All jokes aside, your life is truly what you make it. I’ve learned that negativity only brings more negativity. As children, we’re taught that nothing is impossible. The key is to remember that as adults. Happiness is a choice. Even a few bad choices won’t make your life a terrible one unless you decide to.

What steps have you taken towards ruining your life lately? 

TERRIfic Quip: If you want to see a miracle, be the miracle.

August 7, 2012

I Carry Play-Doh in my Purse. You Should Too

Contrary to popular belief, I am not regressing. I just love the innocence and bright spirits of children so I decided to keep it as close to my heart as possible. Hence, the reason why I keep play-doh in my purse 24/7.

Here’s my theory: If I open my bag I will find several things that I relate certain thoughts and tasks to. For example, my check book reminds of student loan bills. My cell phone reminds me of one of two things 1.) My fiance or 2.) work. And all the receipts in my purse remind of all the money I no longer have because I spent it and feel broke. Obviously, this can make anyone a bit down if this is what they see in their purse everyday. But what nests within the depths of my trusty handbag is a little more promising. I’ve got a playful side, an imaginative side, and a relaxed side. It’s called my Play-Doh.

Still not sure why I or anyone else should carry around Play-Doh? Imagine this. It’s Friday the 13th and you are definitely having an unlucky day. You didn’t get the raise you asked for. You left your lunch on the train. And to top it off you’ve got a cold that prevented you from giving a business presentation in which people could actually understand what you are saying. As you run home from the train station in the rain, you drop your keys and break your heels. At that moment you think your day can’t get any worse. As you dig through your purse for tissues to blow your nose, you come across something that instantly brings a smile upon your face. It’s your Play-Doh. Suddenly, you go through the rest of the day with a spirit you were absent of previously.

I mean, let’s be real. No matter how terrible your day might be going, it would be pretty difficult for you to keep a straight face once you find a little jar of fun within your belongings. You can’t help but  feel a little bit better once opening the small jar and are welcomed with the familiar scent of innocence mixed with paste while your anxious fingers dig right into the squishy delight. Yes, people look at me like I’m crazy when I pull out my Play-Doh and make creatures during lunch breaks, waiting at bus stops or when I’m bored. But within a few minutes the ones who are giving me odd looks and asking why I feel the need to play are the same ones who soon end up asking for a piece to join in on the fun. It becomes a great conversation starter and an easy way to make friends. After all, every one deserves the opportunity to revisit childhood every once in a while.

To make it even better, it becomes my personal purple stress ball in the most draining of moments

Who knew Play-Doh could do so much? And it’s only $.88 at Walmart!

TERRIfic Quip: We’re all just one small adjustment from making our lives work. (Courtesy of How Do You Know)

July 18, 2012

I’m Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday

Some say you should treat everyday like it’s your last. Since, that sounds kind of depressing I decided to treat each day as though it’s my first. After all, what could be better than experiencing life’s simple pleasures with the wide-eyed innocence of a child?  – Replacing all of your insecurities and worries with the hope of a brand new day awaiting you and entering each situation with excitement and high expectations knowing there’s a possibility that it may only get better from here-  Luckily, that’s a little easier for me today. It’s my birthday! Last year, I vowed to make 23 the best year of my life. (I kept that promise.) Now, as I move into my mid-twenties, I vow to make this year even better! Considering the past year was filled with eventful moments such as getting engaged, seeing the Wendy Williams Show live, writing an ebook, meeting Kim Coles, and pretending to be Rocky as I ran up the stairs at the Philadelphia Art Museum, I was beginning to think it was next to impossible for me to top my 23rd year alive. But then I remembered what I always tell myself – “I CAN do the Impossible.” So I began writing a list to make sure this new birth year can stand the competition. Here it is:

1. Take advantage of all opportunities and have faith in them.

2. If you doubt yourself, see number 1.

That’s all that matters. If there is anything I’ve learned since my last birthday it’s that seizing opportunities is just as important as creating them. That moment we’ve all been waiting for  has usually been there waiting for us all along. We’re either too blind, stubborn, or paralyzed with worry to notice it. So I vow to have faith in my abilities and continue to believe that I really can do the impossible because those of us who are silly enough believe it are the ones who usually do. I’m ready to join the ranks of other great cancers before me such as, Bill Cosby, Nelson Mandela, Tia & Tamera Mowry, Arianna Huffington, Wendy Williams and more.

Here’s to another year of greatness:

Did you make a birthday promise to yourself? How did you follow through?

TERRIfic Quip:  Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

P.S. If you’re wondering what the perfect birthday gift for me is, it would be for everyone to go buy my new ebook, right now! Oh and world peace… 🙂

June 14, 2012

The Most Powerful Word of All



So simple but it holds so much more power than we know. You utter it in passing of your boss in the hallway. You sing it when answering the phone. You even repeat it when meeting your best friend’s boyfriend for the first time. But when the phrase becomes second nature, you are oblivious to the pull it truly holds.

“Hello” is probably the most powerful word someone can say in their lifetime. Repeating it may be the simple act of kindness people hear that make them realize their importance in the world. They’ll know they’re actually cared about. Think about it. It may be for the first thing a person hears in the morning that turns their day around.  Saying “hello” to someone can change a person’s life because you may have been the first or only person to have spoken to him/her that day. Suddenly, the person no longer feels like a useless spec in this huge universe, but a living, human being with a purpose.  It’s an acknowledgement of existence  – something everybody needs every once in a while. It could be the very last thing a person hears before they die or the soothing sound that makes them keep going at work. “Hello” could be the very word that makes someone change their mind about doing something detrimental such as hurting themselves or committing suicide. Or it can inspire them do something life changing like committing to a job offer or finally putting themselves first. A “hello” at the right time can make a world of difference if said to the right person at the right time.

It’s a power that “hi” just doesn’t hold. How could it? “Hi” is in passing and a lackluster gesture. Hello is a conscience and inviting effort to illustrate that someone’s existence does matter. It’s your moment to prove that you see eye to eye. My guess is if everyone made a conscience effort to say “Hello” rather than an effortless “hi”, the world will never be the same. It will only get better.

Suddenly, the famous movie quote, “You had me at hello” holds a whole new meaning. Thank you, Jerry Maguire.

Do you make a conscience effort to say “hello” instead of “hi”? Has “hello” ever turned your day around?

TERRIfic Quip: Happiness is a choice.

May 9, 2012

10 Benefits to Looking Much Younger Besides the Obvious

Considering I am in my twenties and I look like I am 14, I know how annoying it is when treated with little respect and have your age questioned on nearly a daily basis. And nothing is more annoying than venting about your age deficiency and constantly hearing, ” You’ll appreciate it when you’re older. I was the same way.” (I’m convinced the only people who say this are those who never really looked much younger than they are but only think they do in their warped minds. Otherwise, they’d understand how annoying it is and wouldn’t say annoying phrases like this.)  So I’ve been coming up with a list of benefits to make myself and other people like myself feel better about their appearance challenge.

 1. Knowing a person’s personality before wasting any time on them. For some reason, people really seem to show their true colors when they are in the presence or think they are the presence of children. I can’t even tell you how many people have treated me like a second class citizen when they thought I was a child. Boy is it fun to watch them choke on their words once they realize my age.

2. Nothing beats the look on people’s faces once you tell them all of your accomplishments and they look dumbfounded because they are convinced you are still in middle school. I have a lot of fun making people think that I really am a child genious that just happened to finish writing two books and  featured in national magazines.

3. You can get a way with a lot of things. When you are an adult and act like a bitch, it’s terrible. When you look like a teenager and act like an asshole it’s ok because it’s just those ranging hormones and you are still learning since you are still just a kid. Not to mention, you have an innocent and naive appearance so there’s no way you can be up to no good.

4.  You’ll always have one up on other women who actually look their age. I can’t help but gloat a little inside when I hear of women seeking advice on how to revert to that “youthful appearance.”  If I am lucky, it’s a problem I may never have to deal with. Odds are looking pretty good so far.

5. Picking out bars with the best security is easy. Chances are the places where the bouncers and security grill you on the authenticity of your I.D. is a little safer than those than don’t. You’ll know exactly which bars and clubs to avoid at 2:00 am when riding through Brooklyn with your girls.

6. High school kids continue to hit on you. No I’m not a pedophile or sex offender. Sometimes you can’t help but think that you still got it when a tender 15 year old steps to you to ask for a date. It’s a great pick-me-up on those days you actually start feeling old or like your losing your hot figure. Definitely on the right track to becoming a MILF. Beyonce and her post-baby body ain’t got nothing on you!

7. You save a ton of money on make up. Since you aren’t experiencing any signs of aging you save a boatload of money on wrinkle creams and skin firming lotions.

8. Watching G rated movies isn’t a problem. No shame in heading to the movie theater to see the latest kid-friendly Disney movie. Nobody would give you a second look since you appear so young and innocent. You’d fit right in.

9. The realization that you will always be old enough but look young enough to play a high school kid on TV for many years to come is like winning the lottery. Maybe it’s about time to give that acting thing a second try.

10. More fashion trends are available. Once you hit a certain age, it’s certain that some fashions are just no longer age appropriate. I mean who really wants to see a 37 year old wearing a tube top and low-rise short shorts? But if you’re 37 and look 22 you can still totally pull it off and hang on to all your favorite clothes for much longer. Plus it makes shopping just a tad bit easier…

Do you look much younger than you? Does it bother you?

TERRIfic Quip: Life is too short to begrudge getting older. Instead, I choose to celebrate another year of awesomeness.

May 3, 2012

Surefire Ways to Tell You’re Getting Old

Once upon a time my excitement came from things like buying concert tickets and going to Six Flags or hitting the bar for girls night. But when the clock struck midnight all that changed. Little did I know that once I turned 23 life would never be the same.

Long gone were the days of worrying about getting to class on time after staying up all night. It’s been replaced with worries of maintaining health insurance and a great driving record. Oddly enough, my most recent highs seem to stem from the satisfaction of paying my monthly bills early.

“And then it hit me. I’m getting old” For some reason, I was shocked. But there was honestly no reason for me to be. After all, students and my brother have been calling me old for years. The signs have been there all along. I just chose to ignore them.

It was no coincidence that friends’ Facebook and Twitter pages went from talk of winning beer pong competitions to job acceptances. Graduation party invites turned in to baby shower and engagement party invites. This,of course, was another big shocker because people were actually planning to get pregnant! The days of unplanned pregnancies were almost ancient history. And I can’t forget that I’m getting married. I don’t even have any friends whose lives resemble those of the house mates on the Jersey Shore anymore! That’s pretty strange considering I do live in Jersey.

So when did this shift happen? My guess is it happened the minute everyone realized that finding a job out of college wasn’t so easy. About the same time, bills started pilling up faster than the money came. Being broke really does snap you into reality very, very quickly. Others, probably got the clue when they stopped getting carded to buy lottery tickets. (I’m still waiting for that day to come, by the way.) It’s time for me and all my peers to accept that we’re getting old and this is only the beginning…

In case you’re still not sure whether you are getting old or not here’s a few clues:

1. You find it impossible to stay up past midnight like you used to. In fact, if you could help it your new bedtime would be around 10:00 every night.

2. “Old Head” becomes your latest nick name assigned to you by the middle school and high school kids; especially if you’re an athlete  that hangs around gyms.

3. Beer just doesn’t seem to be an acceptable drink of choice anymore. Instead, you’re becoming a wine connoisseur. Mostly because you can actually afford to drink something other than beer now.

5. No matter how much sleep you get, your body just always seems to be tired.

6. You catch yourself having conversations with your peers about how the kids of today have changed so much, gotten bad, or have no manners.

7. You suddenly have a career instead of just a job.

8. Your weekends turn into trips to the grocery store, running errands, cleaning the house, and occasionally attending a friends baby shower instead of heading to the shore or the bar all the time.

9. You’re convinced that music of today just doesn’t compare to the music of the 90’s.

10. You realize that you have friends you haven’t seen in 10+ years.

11. You actually use Facebook and Twitter for business and/or networking purposes rather than to keep your “friends” updated on how amazing your life is.

12. Teasing and dying your hair with crazy colors just seems random and juvenile now.

13. You surpassed the maximum age of being listed under your parents health insurance.

14. Your favorite past time of shopping has been replaced by the grand ole’ hobby of coupon clipping. You just can’t pass up a big saving.

If one or more of the above applies to you, it may be time you face the music and accept that you are in deed getting old. Embrace it and learn to live with it because you’ve only just begun. 

But don’t fret. Watching repeats of Spongebob and Phineas & Ferb can keep you young at heart forever!

Can you relate? When did you first realize you were getting old?

March 8, 2012

Texture on the Runway Recap

Texture on the Runway was a hit! I learned about different hairstyles, was introduced to knew products, and even got to meet Kim Coles! I know this is way overdue, but here is my update from the event originally posted on Naturally Curly.


After leaving a NYC fashion show, you would never expect to walk away with a life lesson. Yet that’s exactly what happened when I left the “Texture on the Runway” event Saturday, February 11. Yes, I learned about hair care tips. Yes, I saw first hand how versatile a set of curly locks can be. But most importantly, I learned how essential it is to work the hand dealt to you in life — and that includes your hair.

Most of us kinky curly heads have heard throughout life that our hair is so unmanageable, and the complete opposite of what “good hair” is supposed to be. “Texture on the Runway” is proof that those statements couldn’t be further from the truth.

Good hair is healthy hair and healthy hair can be achieved once we find the right products that work for our hair. Many of the stylist teams echoed the importance of keeping curls moisturized and detangled. Luckily, there have been influxes of hair care lines on the market that do exactly that. All that’s left is determining what you want your hair to do, and options are endless. That means accepting and getting to know your curls for what they truly are — a work of art. And of course, those works of art can be made into a masterpiece.

The creative teams at Matrix, Curls Unleashed, Arrojo, Minardi and Hair Rules brought those masterpieces to life as the lovely models with hair ranging from type 2 to type 4C hit the catwalk — all of them looking equally fabulous.  From up-do’s to afros to elongated curls, all types of texture were represented. Of course, that brought home the point that we’re all in this together, fighting the same battle and learning to love our locks one curl at a time.

In the words of the lovely Kim Coles, “I have a curly soul. It’s time everybody knows it.”

February 3, 2012

NYC Fashion Week Event: Texture on the Runway

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware curls have made a big comeback. Not only is wearing curly hair popular amongst students and business professionals, but it’s even making a big fashion statement. So it only makes sense that curls make its debut on the runway during Fashion Week! And that’s where Texture on the Runway comes in.

Exactly one week from today February 11th in NYC, a fashion show of curls hits the catwalk. Naturally Curly has teamed up with brands such as Hair Rules, Curls Unleashed, Matrix, Arrojo, Minardi Color and more to unleash the new era of styling wavy, curly and kinky hair. They’ll be showcasing textured hair styles with highlights, twists, braids and more.  Haircare guru, Taren Guy, of Youtube channel Taren916 will be co-hosting and making her debut on the catwalk as a model.

The best part is this event isn’t even exclusive to media professionals and Fashion week attendees. You’ll be able to follow along in real time via an online platform. Social media gurus and influencers will be tweeting pics, videos, and interviews throughout the event using the hashtag #texturerunway. Your’s truly will be one of them! Start following me on Twitter  from today as I’ll be tweeting news and updates leading up to the event. But the #texturerunway hashtag isn’t limited to social media gurus and influencers. Online viewers can be part of the fun too. Tweet questions and comments using the hashtag and your tweets may be seen on the big screen parallel to the runway. You don’t have to wait till February 11th to get in on the excitement. The hype starts now! Head on over to for blogs, news, videos, and tweets discussing the event. If already got two blog posts on the site too.

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