Changing your world is as simple as changing your thoughts! Believe it and Live It.

People are amazing beings! Our bodies and minds are capable of so much more than we are aware of. That’s why I believe with everything within me that anything is possible. I was fortunate enough to have loving parents teach me that life lesson at a young age and I was confident enough to believe it every year I got older despite the challenges. It truly is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life.

You can try to talk me out of it, but  I know the truth. I know if something can be manifested in my mind, it can be manifested in my life. The problem is not enough people believe it. Instead, they believe the discouraging words from peers, and listen to stories about “reality” from coworkers.  That only leads to people living lackluster, unfulfilling, unhappy, and dishonest lives. It doesn’t have to be that way.  The truth is, another person’s reality doesn’t have to be yours. You are capable of creating your own happiness. My mission is to help you find it.

I want everyone to believe as strongly as I do about being happy and doing the impossible.

I’ve been dedicated to doing the impossible and being happy my entire life from the time I quite my job to be a freelance writer to the day I graduated college a year early. I’m the girl who gives motivational lectures to random people in the middle of the store and the person not afraid to challenge someone with a load of statistics on why something shouldn’t be done. I feel so strongly about being as happy as possible that I carry Play-Doh with me on a daily basis.  Hopefully, my happiness and emphasis on living your dreams will rub off on you.

Live life terrifically… cause it’s never as bad as it seems. 

If you want to learn more about my writing services visit my website: http://www.TerrificWords.com or email me at terri@writingbyterri.com.


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