I Carry Play-Doh in my Purse. You Should Too

Contrary to popular belief, I am not regressing. I just love the innocence and bright spirits of children so I decided to keep it as  FreeDigitalPhotos.net close to my heart as possible. Hence, the reason why I keep play-doh in my purse 24/7.

Here’s my theory: If I open my bag I will find several things that I relate certain thoughts and tasks to. For example, my check book reminds of student loan bills. My cell phone reminds me of one of two things 1.) My fiance or 2.) work. And all the receipts in my purse remind of all the money I no longer have because I spent it and feel broke. Obviously, this can make anyone a bit down if this is what they see in their purse everyday. But what nests within the depths of my trusty handbag is a little more promising. I’ve got a playful side, an imaginative side, and a relaxed side. It’s called my Play-Doh.

Still not sure why I or anyone else should carry around Play-Doh? Imagine this. It’s Friday the 13th and you are definitely having an unlucky day. You didn’t get the raise you asked for. You left your lunch on the train. And to top it off you’ve got a cold that prevented you from giving a business presentation in which people could actually understand what you are saying. As you run home from the train station in the rain, you drop your keys and break your heels. At that moment you think your day can’t get any worse. As you dig through your purse for tissues to blow your nose, you come across something that instantly brings a smile upon your face. It’s your Play-Doh. Suddenly, you go through the rest of the day with a spirit you were absent of previously.

I mean, let’s be real. No matter how terrible your day might be going, it would be pretty difficult for you to keep a straight face once you find a little jar of fun within your belongings. You can’t help but  feel a little bit better once opening the small jar and are welcomed with the familiar scent of innocence mixed with paste while your anxious fingers dig right into the squishy delight. Yes, people look at me like I’m crazy when I pull out my Play-Doh and make creatures during lunch breaks, waiting at bus stops or when I’m bored. But within a few minutes the ones who are giving me odd looks and asking why I feel the need to play are the same ones who soon end up asking for a piece to join in on the fun. It becomes a great conversation starter and an easy way to make friends. After all, every one deserves the opportunity to revisit childhood every once in a while.

To make it even better, it becomes my personal purple stress ball in the most draining of moments

Who knew Play-Doh could do so much? And it’s only $.88 at Walmart!

TERRIfic Quip: We’re all just one small adjustment from making our lives work. (Courtesy of How Do You Know)


5 Responses to “I Carry Play-Doh in my Purse. You Should Too”

  1. Now this is a great idea. Like you, my purse is filled with things: my phone, lots and lots of receipts, and an empty wallet. Keeping Play Doh in it would certainly relieve some of my daily stress.

    • I highly suggest! You can’t go wrong when it’s only $.88. I suggest getting your favorite color. It provides for extra smiles!

  2. i see absolutely nothing wrong with this. it’s amazing how something so simple and inexpensive can prove to be therapeutic. for me, it’s Fruit Ninja on my Android. i’m pretty much addicted to it.

    • OMG! I had the same problem with fruit ninja! I loved it and totally got addicted. I had to delete though because my addiction was getting in the way of work.


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