Be a Savvy Secondhand Bride

Can you think of a better way to spend $30,000 than on a wedding? So can I. That’s why more brides are going the “secondhand route” for wedding shopping. But don’t let sticker shock cloud your judgment. “Brides should be budget savvy, not budget stiffed, ” says editor Fri Forjindam “Second-hand” doesn’t mean you can’t have standards. You can find high quality used items at lots of shops and websites.

I asked experts for their tips on second-hand shopping. Here’s some highlights:

Consider Black: While ex-brides are mourning in dark colors on their “supposed-to-be” wedding day, you can benefit from it. Head over to Ebay and search for “canceled wedding.” You’d be surprised what may come up! But don’t forget to offer sincere concern and some (non-used) tissues.

Think Green: Being eco-savvy can mean more bang for your buck at Recycled Bride. Browse gently used accessories, gowns and decorations for a steal.Sign up for their email alerts so you never miss a deal.

Shop Pink: Be a true blushing bride by visiting a traveling charity gown sale for Brides Against Breast Cancer to purchase discounted new and used dresses.   You help your wallet and a great cause!

Shopping tip: Other than your bling, consignment shops are a bride’s best friend. You can try before you buy. Find one near you at

*Even if the store or website looks like an upstanding business, never make cash transactions. Stick to checks, credit cards, and Pay Pal so you can track and reverse sales if necessary. 

Fun Fact: According to, 89.4 percent of brides are willing to purchase used items for their wedding. 90 percent of brides are willing to sell items – especially accessories.

Say Yes to the (Used) Dress!


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