What Journalists Actually Do (In case you didn’t know)

Keeping up with the trend of the recent “What I do/What they think I do” memes, I figured it was about time I post one for the writers and journalists out there. Here are a few posted on sites such as StuffJournalistslike.com and futurejournalismproject.com.

(Via Stuff Journalists Like)

(Via Future Journalism Project )

(Via Word Thief)

(Via Jelena)

So do you finally understand what writers do? I hope so, because it’s very frustrating when I have to constantly explain it. 


2 Comments to “What Journalists Actually Do (In case you didn’t know)”

  1. People who do it, get it. The rest are filled with envy, fantasy or paranoia. I’ve been a journo since college and an author since 2004; my friends in the biz are the people I talk to. Others have some very silly ideas about it indeed.

    My favorite question: “Are you still writing” Um, yes, since it’s how I make a living….for them it’s a cute hobby.

    • I get that a lot as well. It’s so hard getting respect as a writer sometimes. I also have those friends who think I can just drop everything and go out with them whenever “since I only work for myself at home.” They don’t realize that it’s a real job and I have to stick to a schedule just like everyone else.

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