The Problem with Formal Higher Education…

It doesn’t guarantee success. Not in the least bit. But that doesn’t stop people from thinking it does. Yet, a formal higher education (i.e. college) is pushed on young adults so frequently. Why doesn’t it guarantee success? Because success means different things to everybody, it is impossible for one kind of educational institution to guarantee success for all individuals. And they most definitely shouldn’t be marketed that way. (Although, that’s what they seem to do.)

So how do we fix this? We need to recognize that college is not one-size-fits all even though some seem to think it is. Not everyone is destined to be the world’s best historian or the most charismatic social media consultant. And even if they are, a formal education is not always necessary to get there. In all honesty, colleges never really guaranteed every type of success. They created the illusion of guaranteed success in the form of a great job. However, the poor economy has showed us that a formal education can’t even guarantee us that. That’s why it’s important for society to let go of college as the only means to a dream and recognize the other options. Most importantly young adults need to define their version of success and determine if formal higher education is the best route to get there. After some analyzation they may realize there is a bigger and better option than college. Then again there might not be… Regardless, it’s worth exploring whether or not that flaw with formal higher education is ignorable or if you are better of taking your gamble with “success” elsewhere.


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